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StudentWise inspired me to realize the importance of getting an internship. This prompted me to start applying to places, calling people, and interview prepping, which led to me getting an assurance and accounting internship in the financial sector at EY-Parthenon.
Aidan BodnerUCSB Class of 2024
StudentWise played a crucial role in helping me land an amazing internship at Amazon, providing me with a personal referral, invaluable resources, and guidance. Their dedication to assisting college students in finding internships and job opportunities is both exceptional and inspiring!
Eizak SanchezSBCC Class of 2024
StudentWise helped me refine my resume and gave me advice about the job market, internships, and what I could do to increase my chances of getting a good job. All of this has impacted me greatly in my career and helped me get a software engineering internship over the summer at Agilent Technologies.
Elias WarresUCSC Class of 2023